#CelebrateBiWeek… two weeks late.

It has taken me a long time to be comfortable with my bisexuality. I'm not shouting it from the rooftops (though is fearless, jubilant confession a necessary rite of passage for all? Straight people surely don't do this). I pick and choose who to disclose to based on social cues and a general sense of trust… Continue reading #CelebrateBiWeek… two weeks late.

In The News

The Senior Score: Where Was Title IX?

In the wake of the recent news of a New Hampshire teen’s sexual assault on an underclassman, I can't help but wonder: where is the push for Title IX education and activism for secondary schools? Title IX and sexual assault student activism is gaining speed on college campuses but has not quite been addressed in the same way on high… Continue reading The Senior Score: Where Was Title IX?

On The Street Today

On The Street Today: Episode One

Riding the bus home yesterday, I noticed a girl on the sidewalk wearing the following shirt: I'm not surprised that this t-shirt exists as there are many, many worse shirts out there, but it was disheartening to me nonetheless so let's unpack it, shall we? For the purposes of the rest of this post, let's… Continue reading On The Street Today: Episode One